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What is FUEL PUMP?

A fuel pump is an electrical or mechanical device that transfers fuel from the fuel tank to the engine of a vehicle. It is an essential component of a vehicle's fuel system that helps to maintain the proper fuel pressure and flow necessary for the engine to run smoothly. The fuel pump can be located either in the fuel tank or outside of it and is usually driven by an electric motor. The type of fuel pump used in a vehicle depends on several factors, including the type of fuel system and the engine's requirements.

How does FUEL PUMP work?

Fuel pumps work by using a combination of mechanical and electrical components to transfer fuel from the fuel tank to the engine. 

There are two main types of fuel pumps: mechanical and electric.

Mechanical fuel pumps: These pumps are typically found in older vehicles and are operated by a direct mechanical link to the engine. As the engine runs, the movement of the pistons creates suction that draws fuel from the tank and pumps it to the engine.

Electric fuel pumps: These pumps are more commonly used in modern vehicles and are powered by an electric motor. The electric motor draws fuel from the tank and sends it through a filter to remove any debris or contaminants. The fuel is then pressurized by the pump and sent to the engine through a fuel line.

In both types of fuel pumps, the fuel is pressurized to ensure it reaches the engine in the proper volume and pressure needed for combustion. The fuel pump is typically controlled by the vehicle's engine management system, which monitors the engine's fuel needs and adjusts the fuel pump accordingly.

In summary, fuel pumps work by drawing fuel from the tank, filtering it, and then pressurizing it to deliver it to the engine in the proper amount and pressure.